4 thoughts on “Suggested new map of eastern seaboard

  1. Sort of OT, but I am glad my home town has a worthy news source now that the Post-Gazette has chosen to commit suicide (firing Rob Rogers and endorsing Rick Saccone against Conor Lamb–WTIAF?!?)

  2. Not sure we have a lot of Carolina folks, but a note I posed on the front page.

    For you southeasters that may be a risk. For large 'picture' windows and garage doors, suggest you do like my cousin Tom did in Florida during Irma. Add 2×4 horizontal braces with 2×4 kickers coming down to the drive/yard that are buried or secured with serious weight. On the windward side, the sheets screwed or toe-nailed in place work fine, but on the leeward side of your casa, a hella vacuum can develop and suck the sheets off – particularly those covering large openings. Stay safe, stay dry, and if told to, get the hell out.

    1. Words of Wisdom, especially the "get the hell out" part. I braced my fiberglass overhead garage door like that for Isabel and Sandy. Didn't take too long.

      If this hits the Banks as a Cat 4 as they're predicting, no bracing in the world will save your house. Get out.

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