32 thoughts on “I Have Never Heard of Llama Flu

      1. I had plastic sheeting on the windows at the time because I was living in the husk of an old travel trailer up on blocks with only louvre windows.

        1. I used plastic sheeting over my windows for years in the mountains. Down in the desert I built with Low-E dual pane windows and didn't need the plastic anymore. When I bought this place, it had some really ancient single pane windows, so it was back to plastic. Until this summer, that is, when I spent more on windows than my first home cost.

          1. Yeah, I spent a pretty penny about 10 years back upgrading the remaining single pane windows in this place to low e double pane. Worth the trouble.

          2. My new ones are triple pane with argon between the outer layers. I don't know why, but Mr. Wizard sold me on it.

          3. Monatomic gases like argon don’t transfer heat as well as diatomic gases like nitrogen or oxygen. Back in the day they’d try to get all crazy and fill the windows with krypton, but they switched to argon, not enough benefit from krypton to justify the cost over argon.>

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