15 thoughts on “Jacob Wohl: Corncob Master

  1. Charles Seife @cgseife
    Replying to @JacobAWohl

    Happy to explain.

    Scholar's Science Study Slaps Simpleton Silly.

    One half of the Dynamic Duo who just tried to take down Robert Mueller, Ladies and Gentlemen!

    Will he slither back under the rocks now, or is he in it for the long haul of public Wingnut Welfailure ownage like D'sousa?

    1. I worry about Wunderkind like this, peaking too soon. It's likely that he'll never be stupider than he is now and he'll end up drunk at 40, boring people in a bar with tales of his gloriously ignorant youth.

      1. could a divine creator make a fool so arrogant and stupid they would be incapable of understanding if someone insulted them?

  2. I don't get the whole "corn cob" thing. I have only slightly googled it, to little success, just got home from work maybe will google more later. But as of now I do not get it and am feeling very old and un-hip.

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