18 thoughts on “Bennie or Donnie?

    1. Yeah…I'm lucky I didn't drown. Dogs were NOT happy to go out in the rain either. So glad it's over…and that I have the luxury of being able to bitch about a little rain!

      1. We start with the rain Friday night. Been sunny, but cold (for us) last 5 days. Got some yard cleanup done. Maybe some snow in the mountains (he says hopefully)..

        1. I actually purposely drove into snow country today. Normally I wouldn't, but you gotta go to where the specialists practice. I survived, barely. Seeing those snowflakes coming at the windshield like stars at warp speed-I don't miss that shit at all!

    1. Boarder security? I have often felt threatened by roomies.

      Too bad we don't have a military that can defend us against these ravenous southern hordes. Too busy moving rocks with radio waves, I guess.

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