28 thoughts on “My monk seal nose is full of eels

        1. I'm glad my 'hood is pretty tame. One neighbor set his all white lights on a flasher, which was unhealthy for epileptics and other right-thinking humans. He quit that after a couple of nights, thankfully.

          1. I asked him and he said it takes him 6 weeks to set that shit up. Only problem we're having in our neighborhood now is some new renters 2 doors over have discovered they have a fireplace. I have to bring them cookies and ask them nice not to smoke out the fucking neighborhood

  1. I wonder if the eels are seeking nutrients? Most sea creatures eat really gross stuff. Hell, they are mostly really gross stuff!

  2. I saw an exquisite piece of art today. A guy I know built a Gibson Les Paul out of steel. It was perfect in every detail. Non-functional, which is probably a good thing since it weighs 50 lbs. The person who had it wouldn't allow pictures. Too bad.

  3. "Hoo Boy that thousand mile swim up from the Sargasso has got me beat I really need a safe place for some quality shuteye and one of those little caves looks perfect and HEY NOW WHAT THE FUCK…"

  4. . “Having a rotten fish inside your nose is bound to cause some problems,” Littnan lamented.

    Eel-in-nose shall now be known as "Littnan's Lament"

  5. Jezebel commenter chocolate covered raisons d'être:

    "They’re never gonna survive unless they get a little crazy, amirite?"

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