Fox News Astrologer Predicts Trump Will Have Two Guardian Angels Protecting Him For 2019

59 thoughts on “Fox News Astrologer Predicts Trump Will Have Two Guardian Angels Protecting Him For 2019

    1. Anybody try Roma Downey? She's married to the guy that produced Trump's teevee show and holds all the tapes of him saying terrible things that if everyone could hear them would change…nothing.

  1. More like two devils FFS.

    Also, I hope all has been well here: I was in the hospital for a while with something too tedious to discuss, which is why I haven't been around. Hope all has been well here, and wish me well for tomorrow's follow-up appointment!

    1. WHOA! Hey girl you bet I wish you well! I had a medical…condition that popped up this fall but looks like I came out OK.


    2. We were wondering where you've been, and are delighted you're back. Would've DMed you on the Twitter but suspected that like most women who post there you're afraid to look at the messages you get.

      1. You, I trust. But it's good to be back.

        If I disappear again it will be because I have to go back to a hospital with no wi-fi (in 2019? WTF?) Looking forward to being here on the regular again!

      1. sounds ferrin, but she's blonde. What's an ICE agent to do?

        Also- back in the old days, they had silk stitches, they hurt when they were removed. Now they have dissolving stitches- they hurt when they dissolve.

          1. I used to visit a small music store in Nevada. That guy knew when I was coming, apparently. He'd hang something on the wall he knew I couldn't live without. I'd resist for a day or two, but I'd always come back and buy it. And that's who I have to thank for my [Alvarez AB 60 CE bass], and a couple of other treasures.

  2. O/T: I lost my geiger counter for a few months, but I've found it. You all will be happy to know I never lost track of my actinide mineral specimens, though.

    1. I used to have a CD issued unit, but I left it behind when I was no longer expected to rush toward danger. Now I have a Roentgen meter on the wall of my garage, for fun.

          1. OK maybe next spring/summer we meet at Tioga Pass, assuming there's one good week without smoke anymore…I could hook you up with a loaner 6" reflector, see how you like it.

          2. First time we were up there was end of May 2003, Kid Glass was thrilled that we got caught in a snowstorm.

    1. "Sir, if you don't shut up, I'm gonna kick 100% of your ass!"

      What an asshole. Nice to see that girl out-punching him like 50-0. What kind of fucking jerk grabs a cashier?

    1. HAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Seeing this on the side bar I thought you had put up the Larry, D, and D highlight video

    1. A friend of mine in Chandler AZ is nuts for all things Hello Kitty. He even has a Kitty Strat. How his wife puts up with it…

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