It’s Already January and Nobody Posted the Deadspin “Rectum” Article

39 thoughts on “It’s Already January and Nobody Posted the Deadspin “Rectum” Article

  1. EAR:
    Tapioca ball
    Googly eye

    Piece of hard white plastic that he broke off while working with crafts


    Significant amount of string

    I'll take Novel objects America is Inserting into its Orifices for 500, Alex."

    Also too: Floam?

  2. |Amazon review of Floam:|

    "My grandson vomited all over the floor after smelling this product… This trash literally smelled like the chemicals high schools use to preserve rats in. After my grandchildren finally got over the horrid smell, they played in the living room with it but it stuck everywhere! We could not get this floam off the carpet and when my grandson tried to wash his hands, it clogged the drain. We ended up using drain-o to clear the drain but it released noxious fumes and my entire family had to leave the house until they dispersed. It ruined my Easter and I would not buy this for my worst enemy. Some floam still remains plastered to the carpet. DO NOT BUY"

      1. It's like a gender reveal party, but without the wildfires. "I can't wait to find out if it's an oblong or a contact binary!"

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