42 thoughts on “I’m Afraid I Can’t Do That

  1. "Think hard about whether a voice-enabled device is right for you. That includes products from Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and others. Honestly, I don’t care if you choose to own one or not. Just don’t think it’s not listening to you pee. It is."

    1. I like electronic toys but I'll be damned if I'll have one of these spy-bots listening to me bicker with La_Signora Quarantanova.

      1. I knew a few gate nazis at Edwards AFB who were told they couldn't bring their Furbys to work because they had recording capabilities. What full grown women were doing with damned Furbys is still unclear.

        1. I've learned not to ask.

          The good old days at Livermore nat'l Lab when smart phones first appeared were like the wild west for security.

          1. Heh. The husband of one got pissed at the thing and tossed it into the pool at the motel we were gathered at one time. She took it better than I thought she would.

        1. I've had discussions with friends, face to face with my phone on the table, and I swear I get targeted ads online about what we were talking about.

      1. Have to say it's a nice looking ride. But my old eyes like a tall greenhouse, and my old back likes a higher seat.

    1. Three more days of this crap. I may not make it. (How TF I survived a childhood in Pittsburgh is beyond me–I have to assume it was because I was a kid and didn't know any better.)

      1. I still got my run in this morning. I'm fine. We're going to have to move you to the Atacama Desert or something 😉

      2. There's a film crew on a location shoot down the street this evening. Probably 100 people. They all looked as though this water-from-the-sky phenomenon hadn't been covered in their orientation.

    1. @Wendys Are you going to drag this chump for not even springing for Baconators next to a stack of quarter pounders? LIGHT HIM UP, RED.

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