20 thoughts on “No one is prepared for hagfish slime

  1. The hagfish themselves scrape the slime off their skin by tying a knot in their bodies and sliding it from head to tail.

    1. Really? Just now in …………whatever year it is……….somebody figured-out that stagnant pools full of shit
      are oxygen depleted.

    1. Michael Dell, the wizard who said about Apple in 1996 "I'd shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders", and was later busted for taking payola from Intel to not use AMD chips, he took Dell private again because they got spanked for that. Amazing how he didn't make as much money on the up and up.

      God forbid we have an informed discussion about that sort of shit! Gotta shut that smartass professor down!

      Fuck that circle jerk of Davos. Nice to see a smart guy was able to sneak in.

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