58 thoughts on “This Will Be Epic.

          1. Ward/Zombie Mecham/Zombie John Adamson! Platform: "WE DO WHAT WE LIKE. NOBODY IS POLITICALLY INVOLVED IN THIS STATE, UNLESS THEY'RE MILLIONAIRES! WOOHOO!" (Also, we love to stoke the hatred.)

      1. Long ago working at the exclusive hotel,………….one of the gardeners comes up with a credible drawing, asks
        " What do you call this thing in English?"

        ".Hand grenade"

        "There is one"


        Turned out to be a surplus souvenir with a bolt stuck in it.
        I was not one of those that went to

        1. I had a tour last year of our Sheriff Dept.'s special units, the bomb squad people said the majority of their calls are for people who have a granddad who passed away and the family members call about some souvenir ordnance the man had from his tour of duty in Korea or WWII wherever decades ago, and that the vast majority of these are live ordnance and they'd been sitting on grandpa's mantle for all that time or in a shoebox in the closet, etc.

          They get like two or three calls a week for these. And this is just my county. I visualize troop ships coming back from the war, almost every soldier on the ship probably sneaking some supposedly dead grenade in his ditty bag, not realizing it was live and each thinking they were the only one sneaking out this souvenir….

          1. All I got were my grandfather's dental tools from WW1. As long as I didn't try to practice dentistry, they were pretty safe.
            An Army Medic's dental duties in WW1 included only extraction, so the tools were basically pliers and primitive easy-outs.

          2. Oukes

            The Dorothy Gale museum in Liberal KS has a display of dental and surgical tools from that era. *shudders*

          3. There's a movie, "Topsy Turvy" about Gilbert and Sullivan creating "The Mikado" and there is a dental visit scene in it. *shudders*

          4. One never knows when one might need to do a dental extraction in the field.

            I have old lapidary and woodworking equipment from the 40s and 50s, from my granddad and great uncle, who took those up as hobbies long ago. They're all obsolete now, but cool to look at. I had more, but re-homed much of the woodworking tools to an actual cabinetmaker, and most of the lapidary stuff I eventually tossed because it was getting kinda gross and some looked toxic, but I have kept a few non-toxic pieces for no other reason than that they look interesting.

          5. I love old stuff. It's all an albatross now. The younger generations aren't interested in it, so it'll mostly just get tossed when I'm gone. Fine. I won't let them have my house, then.

          1. Fortunately Ivanka is so cheap about her overpriced knock-off shoes that they are nothing fancy, leather-wise. Although I would guess that the leather is sourced in Brazil, which means that they are from hides from cows raised on deforested land.

            I do not know why a bigger protest movement hasn't started over shoes and other leather goods that are "made in Brazil" or at least are made from leather from Brazil. A large percentage of the Amazon deforestation that has been going on is to make way for cattle ranching, which is for cheap beef and cheap leather, which means mostly cheap shoes and cheap bags. I never buy Nine West shoes for that reason. I bet Ivanka's shoes fall in that bracket.

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