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  1. Atriot Salutati sez, that Rachel sez.

    …… Donald Trump has been quoting scenes from the fictional movie Sicario: Day of the Soldado, which came out about six months ago. In the film, characters are indeed seen driving across the border in impossibly technologically advanced cars. The characters are also seen duct taping women’s mouths in these cars. In another movie scene, prayer rugs are found near the border, which is another recent claim that Trump has been making.

    Anyone can corroborate?

    1. I mean, if the above is true, this man is truly a prisoner of the tee vee

      slightly O/T, me and the missus watched "Get Low", a 2010 flick with Robert Duvall, Bill Murray and Sissy Spacek. It was…offbeat. Recommended.

      1. So did The Idiot watch it, or someone is feeding him these ideas. ?

        Yeah, I guess I shoulda just looked for the movie and not whether RM said there was such a movie.

        1. You're going to try to tease apart different causes to one effect with that clown? I mean, if you were asking that question wrt faux news, both of those would be correct.

          1. Not gonna try this evening, but if he saw the movie and now thinks it's real, he's certifiable, and if people
            know that for sure, it's an enormous problem.
            If Miller or Pompeo or somebody saw it and are feeding The Idiot bullshit, it's just the same problem we've had for two years.

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