38 thoughts on “Freedom’s Just Another Word for Bigotry

  1. By granting this waiver, President Trump and Secretary Azar have shown the entire world that, as Americans, our fundamental right to practice religion, regardless of our faith, will not be in jeopardy under this administration

    Because religious faith doesn't count if we can't keep non-fundie mental parents from adopting!!!


          1. The tribunal of Spock continues despite Starfleet's orders to end the Talos IV transmissions. The footage continues from before, where Pike has been caged with Vina. The Talosians want the two to mate to produce offspring and allow the Talosians to rebuild their civilization, which fell after they discovered the ability to cast the illusions. The aliens put the two through numerous virtual realities, hoping to give Pike some mild interest in Vina to copulate. Pike refuses, and does not relent when the Talosians project more horrific images to him. Meanwhile, the Enterprise crew finds the cave entrance where Pike disappeared, but are unable to break it open even when using direct attacks from the ship's weapons.

          2. They attempt to beam a landing party into the cave, but the Talosians detect this and manipulate the beam to allow only the female crew members to beam down, in order to offer Pike more choices for a mate. The new captives have phasers, and they attempt to shoot out a portion of the cell wall but find this ineffective.

          3. original series of Star Trek aged better than the incredibly simplistic storyline of Star Wars- but, the latter had Carrie Fisher.

  2. Anybody else think that the Amazon Prime delivery vans look like law enforcement?
    Like it'll stop and a SWAT team will pour-out?

    1. I was kind of hoping the FBI van that parked across the street from me would have at least have delivered me a pizza

        1. Just because I'm eating ice cream at this moment in no way makes me paranoid that you're somehow watching me.

          Not at all.

    1. That guy reeks to high heaven. The fact that he was a total partisan hack with Ken Starr then gets all sensitive about his feelings at his confirmation- what a fucking jerk. Also I wasn't aware of the lengths to which W had to go through to get him his prior appointment. Partisan hack complains about partisan politics? Fuck him.

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