61 thoughts on ““How Cold Was It?”

  1. Moline, Ill., also has a new all-time record, and it's blowing the old one out of the water. Old record was -28 and current temp is around -33.

    I feel like I'm getting off easy.

    Temperature 14 °F, 9:18 AM
    low 11 °F 4:14 AM
    Humidity 39 %
    Heat Index 13 °F 8:32 AM
    Wind Chill 13 °F low 5 °F 1:11 AM
    Dew Point-7 °F
    Wind Speed 1 mph 14 mph 1:12 AM
    Wind Direction NW 328°

      1. Also- this is so close to our Dark Lord I'm wondering why someone hasn't done the obvious thing and set up a structure that'd create his likeness. Do we need to take up the challenge?

    1. cool-literally.

      Lake Erie would usually freeze over by say late February. It's the shallowest of the great lakes. When it froze over we'd get a break from lake effect snow

        1. We just finished one of our warmest and driest Januarys on record. That, however is about to change, which will be good for the snow pack. Heck we might even see two or three snowflakes down here. Well besides the usual two-legged varieties.

          1. I'm in a rain shadow, perpetual drought. I try to make the best of it by laughing at folks when they're buried in snow, but it does hurt not getting rain when it's so badly needed. Added injury from the thieves of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, of course.

      1. Yes–I was just under 11 when we did so. I still don't know how I survived those winters–I guess because I didn't know any better.

        If I get priced out of Los Angeles (which could happen thanks to the greedy blood sucking scum bags property owners here), I'll have to move to the desert FFS.

        1. you remind me of a family in my neighborhood who moved to Florida when I was 7. The lady of the household, in particular, hated winter.

          One of my BFFs from grad school moved to Florida after she got her degree. She's from Virginia. Now she's in central florida (like Winter Haven), which doesn't have a whole lot to offer other than the lack of cold weather. I would not want to live there.

          Everybody's different.

  2. I cannot imagine what it must be like to live in that level of insane cold. Please stay safe.

    It is pouring rain here. When the front moved through about 5:30 there was CRAZY thunder and lighting, which I haven't seen here in ten years. The first wave rolled through and it seemed like an earthquake because no lighting just long, rolling thunder that shook the house. Totally freaked out my chihuahua – shivering and panting for about a half hour. Poor thing.

    And yes he has a thunder jacket, two layers of sweaters, actually. Still he came unglued.

      1. OMG!!!!! Must get some!

        I just propagated some wisteria two weeks ago, the first time I have tried to grow a plant from seeds. I planted a whole bunch. So far two are about two inches tall, a few others are tiny but trying, the rest do not seem to have survived my care.

        ETA: by "growing from seeds" I should clarify that while my dogs were randomly pooping on their walk I noticed that there were sprouted wisteria seeds sticking out of the dirt, so I scooped a bunch up with the soil they were growing in, and basically have so far managed not to kill a few. The parent plant is more than a 100 years old, so if any survive they will have an interesting provenance.

      1. yeah- walking over to Lake Erie on that, looks like the western half of Erie is frozed over, but Buffalo seems to be getting lake effect

      1. I had a rental in sunny California one time. The tenants quit heating the place and by the end of October, both of the toilet bowls had frozen and shattered. By the time I finished repairing all the damage they inflicted, I had lost about $100K. I had a homeowner's policy, but it didn't cover tenants. My dumb fault.

          1. Mostly a paper loss, but it still hurt. Probably about $20K out of pocket. I'll never be a landlord again, lesson learned.

    1. that pic shows most of Lake Michigan hasn't been frozen over, otherwise those lake effect clouds wouldn't be dumping on western michigan. Lake effect needs an un-froze lake to work

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