32 thoughts on “Not That Cooder

        1. it's like an Escher print, but a photograph. Hard to tell which way's up. That base in the lower right looks like it could double as a bitchin' sport steering wheel

    1. tom tomorrow, further down in the thread:

      "soon I will be like those aliens from ST:TNG who can only speak in metaphor, except I will only communicate through old cartoons"

  1. Daniel Dale
    ‏Verified account @ddale8

    This is a thing Trump said today: "So I didn't see the report from the intelligence. When you read it, it's a lot different than it was covered on in the news."

    1. I might have had a coffee there when it first opened in Tucson. Pretty sure it was plain black. May have like it b.c
      like the French Roast and sludge, but sure wasn't gonna pay $3.50 or whatever it was at the time.

      1. I've only been to one of their kiosks in a supermarket, never to a coffee shop. I only bought the iced coffee dessert things, too. 3 tries, 3 brain freezes, never been back.

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