90 thoughts on “Little Howie Orbit

  1. Schultz has said it is time to rise above the party system. Well, how better to rise above the party system than to climb aboard a spaceship and hover at least 62 miles above the Earth, probably even farther?


    1. There's a Starbuck's waiting in the sky
      Schultz wants to go and live there
      'cause he thinks we've lost our minds
      There's a Starbuck's waiting in the sky
      He's warned us not to tax him
      Cause he knows he's a smart guy
      He told me:
      Let the children lose it
      Let the children use it
      Sell all the children coffee

    1. Are you pleased that under President Trump, the U.S. is no longer shipping pallets of cash to the Iranian regime?
      No Opinion
      Other, please specify:

    1. think of all the R&D that was paid for by that little blue pill, or could have been.

      I've been to a fie-zer (dunno if ID will let that one slip through) facility, and gotta tell you, the boner pill subsidized cafeteria is top-notch

  2. It is raining cats and dogs here. Supposed to get six inches over the next four days. They’ve evacuated people in the canyons. I hope this won’t inconvenience me in any way.

    1. Rain and big wind here now It rained all night, wind is new. I really need to go shopping, so this is unacceptable. Also, doctor appointment on Tuesday up in Mammoth where all this rain is not rain, but snow. Not amused, nope.

      1. Stay safe. All I have to deal with here are some deep puddles and road closures. When it is dangerous to go to the shops or the doctor is serious.

        1. I went out to the truck fully intending to start it up and go, but the wind kept me from opening the door. I guess I didn't need to go that bad. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

      2. front came through here last night, now spots of sunshine mixed with downpours. Have a fellow telescope making buddy coming up from San Hoe Say with his wife, we're going to check out a historical microscope exhibit at Berkeley

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