50 thoughts on “It’s Magary Time

  1. Srsly, one of the great advancements in humankind in my lifetime has been the improvement in winter apparel — especially of the sporting variety. I remember growing up in the ice age 60s-80s in Cleveland and just being overwhelmed in the winter with bulky, permeable cottons and wools. Now with layering and techno fabrics outdoor activities are much more tolerable.

    Also, too, people are describing this winter as being frigid. Well, last month was, like 95% of the previous 240 months before that, above average. I know I'm preaching to the choir of scientists and statisticians here, but I like to point this out to everyone else.

    1. Word on winter apparel. One time as a kid I did a winter camp out in Boy Scouts, and the miserable experience made me swear I'd never shortchange myself on winter gear. Now with polypro or wool long johns, polartek pile and a breathable shell, damn, doing winter hiking or other activities is great. Light, warm, dry. Doing layers also helps.

    2. As a knitter I love winter woolens. But of course I live in California so I only wear them for fun, not out of necessity, in which case I would probably loathe them.

        1. Lily and Henza both posted videos to Facebook immediately after the shooting. Lily screamed: “I really need help! Somebody please come.”

          I guess that is how one summons help when one takes a principled stand against community infrastructure.

          1. "Instagram! Please look at the background of my selfie, where you can see the street sign, and send help!"

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