17 thoughts on “Velvet Undergrounder

          1. I thought C_R might be interested. Microscopes aren't my thing but it was a very interesting exhibit. One of the people I went with recognized the covering of one of the old microscopes as "ray skin", skin from that cartilaginous fish.

            Some of the microscopes had their original manuals displayed, and reading the instructions in 1730 English were pretty funny.

          2. It just so happens these friends are considering retiring soon, and they're looking to retire to…Tucson. They're really cool folks.

          3. Am interested and thanks! This is Art and I don't remember as extensive a collection in either the American Museum of Natural History or the Smithsonian. Someone on this coast has a whole lot of olde astronomical instruments and analog calculating wheels but I don't remember where.

          4. Duly Downloaded and destruct-ready.

            Thanks! I donated mega magazine hardcopy to the local public libraries but, thoughtlessly, did not scan any of the good bits.

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