5 thoughts on “2019: A McBoatface Odyssey

  1. Bellingham predicts future research vehicles will become more autonomous, even crossing oceans without a ship and crew of humans watching from above. “I definitely see an ocean filled with robots that are reasonably self-sufficient,” he says. “We won’t need to use a ship.”

    An ocean filled with robots. That will be one helluva lot of observational data.

    August 6th, 2100
    North Polar Sea
    75 degrees, clear and breezy

    "Hi, Number 835! Where've you been?"
    "Just back from the Manhattan shoals"
    "Still no humans?"
    "Well, we tried to warn them"

    1. gotta figure they are *far* better equipped than us above-surface meat puppets to handle that. Holy cow how little we have still seen of most of this planet

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