35 thoughts on “Oh poor, poor Lightnin’, how she call like?

      1. yeah, it's got some pie in the eye stuff, but DiFi and crew aren't exactly leading the way- Nancy seems a lot more nimble on her feet. I'm grateful to AOC for even proposing the Green New Deal, warts and all. Fucking change the conversation, instead of reacting to news.

        1. Yeah, I like AOC a lot. Not the least of my reasons for liking her is how she drives the right wing crazier. We desperately need to sweep more of those gerrymandered for life dinosaurs out of office, then some of this stuff can come to fruition. Not in my lifetime, probably.

    1. I was on a cruise ship one time. They run several themes at once, and one of them was a "Booze Cruise". The first casualty dropped on the pool deck before we even left the dock. Pace yourself, woman!

      1. Hello, this is Dr. Wenkman
        Hi this is Debbie from Channel 4
        How can I help you ?
        We'd like to do a quick Q and A about the weather?
        So can you tell us why it snowed?
        Can you tell us why it snowed. Some of our audience might not know.
        Who is this., really?

        1. I was in high school in the early 1980s when it snowed in LA for the first time in 37 years. It was unusual but nobody had a conniption.

          Also when I was in HS, freshman year, we got snow in central NJ on Oct 10 1979. In northern NJ it stuck. That was awesome.

    1. I had a hard time explaining to my houseguest last month how it was snowing and the air temp was above freezing. Upper atmospheric temps didn't impress her much, because why didn't it melt when it got above freezing? She also didn't understand why frozen pipes would expand and burst, because shrinkage.

          1. We cannot independently confirm that the aforementioned suppliers are not the same people who now own craft brewery restaurants.

          2. Lately I've found need for the Chris Christie flying bag of beach chair meme pic, but alas, it seems to be lost forever.

    1. good on the kneeling players, and wtf with the confederate groups? This BS never ends. Figure in 50 years there will be Nazi groups in Germany (and elsewhere) decrying the loss of their heritage.

      fuck fucking fucking fuck

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