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    1. Also, this shows we haven't gotten a close enough view of the GRS for it to look like fog. When I got my first telescope, I wondered what a cumulus cloud would look like close up. It looks like fog.

  1. TW: spoiled (but I earned it after those Pittsburgh winters) Sun Belt weather rant ahead…



    1. Counterpoint: All this rain is filling up our reservoir and bumping us from a stage 4 drought to only a stage 3 drought.

      1. We've been mostly sunshine the last few weeks. Coldish, but sunny. Some sprinks tomorrow, sun and skiing on Wednesday and may be pushing 70 next week. Go figure.

          1. We can share, at least for now. Our snow pack is a bit north of our average for this time of year. So unless we get heavy rain with 60s and flooding we should be good for the summer. Surprisingly we get little to no rain in the summer.

      1. At first I thought this was a reply to me @5G . Could be, dunno, They
        give free cokes to LEO, MIL, and BP.

    1. "The app allows users to label restaurants as “safe” or “unsafe” for conservatives based on four questions: Whether the restaurant serves guests “of every political belief,” if it allows legal concealed carry, will it “protect its customers if they are attacked for political reasons” and if the establishment avoid politics in its ads and social media."

  2. and the LORD said unto Blue, thou shalt go to THE FIVE GUYS,
    whereupon you will get a hamburger ALL THE WAY, and small
    order of fries.
    And it was SO!

    1. They opened one in Carson City NV, across from an In-n-Out.
      In-n-Out is still standing, 5 Guys shuttered.
      I have yet to get to try a 5 Guys.

        1. A worthy goal. I've managed to completely cut out everything but cows and birds, and those pretty sparingly. I worry about putting so many cows out of work at once, I think there would be unintended consequences.

  3. I am sitting on my couch and I have the hiccups and next to me my chihuahua, who is not the brightest of dogs, is utterly flummoxed.

          1. Wow.

            "A modern attempt to re-create the sapa using lead vessels resulted in a liquid with a lead content of 2,900 parts per billion — one thousand times the acceptable dose in most countries."

          1. I probably screwed up mentioning a certain patented medication, but suffice to say the friend I had was far more entertaining when she didn't take it.

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