49 thoughts on “When it’s like this outside…….

  1. it reminds me of Erie. This song came out when I was there, so my memory of those years
    is that the sky was always gray, and "Sweet Dreams " was played incessantly.

          1. [ Tucson ]
            Anyway, I wondered what you were talking about because I was focused on the giant red blob, and only now realized the model has two cyclones spinning off and headed back WSW

    1. I took a panorama of pix of a thunderstorm hitting Lover's Key in Florida, one of these days I want to cover a wall here with it


  2. In case anyone asks, we didn’t bribe anyone to get Kid Glass into the community college

    Also, we don’t know nothin’ ’bout that taxicab, either

    1. I don't know why this is all of a sudden a scandal. You will never convince me that Individual 1 got in on merit, nor any of his offspring or SIL.

      1. Fer as I kin reckon, it's because HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,
        and also midlevel individuals were directly bribed , not the U., .and thus the Provost, Pres. or BofD. etc.

          1. Just today here.
            I'm ok with it stopping soon.
            I mean, the rain is good, just need to find away to get it without so many clouds.

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