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  1. Claus Jørstad, 45, of Alta in the country's north, had bought the Marius chair for showering because he had a knee injury but the testicle became trapped this week after falling into a hole in the stool and swelling in the hot conditions.

    Not calling B.S. on this one, but I'm reserving judgement until I can verify the coefficient of thermal expansion for external ellipsoidal reproductive glands.

      1. Here's a live feed where they're still pouring water into it at 11:03 PM Paris time. Yikes. The building's made of stone, of course, but what can happen if the (old, dry) roof or floor timbers lose their integrity is the walls can collapse. Plus priceless stained-glass windows held in by mere lead. Come to think of it the roof tiles might be lead as well.


      1. XTC@xtcfans
        Replying to @Mick__Williams
        With all the tax money Bono avoided paying this year, he could fund the rebuild

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