35 thoughts on “Home is where the head is

  1. Imagine you're on a beach…….
    but not the beach of the ads
    with sunshine, and laughing beautiful people
    It's a barren, windswept beach with a cold , gray sky
    soundless except for the screcching of terns

  2. One of the dogs I referenced the other day, the very old, blind and deaf one? The one I assumed was begging for the sweet release of death with his every cry? Today he gets his wish, and I feel terrible.

          1. I don't hang out with anyone. It's just that I predicted the neighbor dog's demise days ago. I mean, who does that?

  3. Skocpol warned of “mechanistic over-optimism,” writing that “things will look very different if Trump is re-elected, as he may very well be.” The current state of politics “is no ordinary cyclical turn,” she notes. “I would rank this period as one of the most conflictual since the late 1960s and early 1930s and the one with the greatest potential for actual regime change since the Civil War.”

    Anybody suffering from mechanistic over-optimism? I know I'm not.


    Also: Van Morrison's album "Common One" is pretty terrible.

    1. He could have just scratched out Obama's name and signed his own grotesque sig over it on the deal that was already in place, and his sycophants would still consider him the greatest negotiator of all time.

    2. It'll all be fine if tRump just admits his mistake, fires Bolton, reinstates our compliance with the treaty, apologizes to the mullahs for mis-characterizing their intentions and behavior, and tells Obama "Hey you were actually pretty smart, for a black guy."

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