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  1. Everything will be awful until the Dems have a |Senate Majority|..right? The House is gettin' shit done right quick (as they should). Keep the threat of contempt over Barr, subpoena Mueller, introduce new legislation, etc. etc. You have the power…for now. Make the most of it. (Even though 'congressional subpoena' means nothing to these subhuman ubercapitalist pieces of shit.)

    For the love of "Democracy" (as we know it, anyway), Please Dems, just do "everything right" this time. (What does that even fucking mean?) Shit is corroded beyond belief and has been for decades… Can you bring back integrity to any office? Please do so, if elected. It's your "time to shine". All eyes are on you. Maybe grow a pair, for once.

    Also, good lord, that song is awful.

    1. I was going to link/quote The Idiot's remarks on climate and environment……….

  2. When I was a kiddo, the [ Mobile & Ohio, ] the M&O had grown-up to the GM&O – the Gulf Mobile & Ohio. In the back seat of our 52 Packard, sans seat belt, I'd get my kicks pretending that we were racing the GM&O trains while we were going down Route 66 from Chicago to St. Louis to visit the cousins. I'd be polite and say hi to the uncles and aunts, but really I was there to visit the cousins. My bride and I are heading back for some cousin camp next week after a brief stop at the old alma mater in Urbana, IL.

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