122 thoughts on “Trump in Ireland

    1. Clicking through to that article in the Irish Times, the reporter didn't bother to interview any protesters. Fine reporting, there.

      1. She was so nice – I was walking to my car after the talk, went out the side door to skip the crowd, and suddenly I'm right next to her, walking in the same direction, just us, so it was awkward to not chat, and she was just super chill. Amy Poehler managed to sneak out some other door. Or got eaten by the crowd

      1. She did! She said you were the inspiration for her character in A Futile and Stupid Gesture. It seemed kinda private, I didn't ask questions.

          1. In the talk she gave, she actually did make quirky references to Joe Pesci which were apropos of nothing, which made them hilarious. It's like: in the middle of something dark and serious, throw in a Joe Pesci reference.

    1. OT I posted a comment containing news about a certain Russian punk performance art collective…."must be approved "

      1. Done. There are 859 messages in the spam folder! Fortunately yours was near the top. No way I am tackling the rest of that now.

        I have never seen that many in there.

      1. JUNE

        06 – Los Angeles, CA, Wiltern (Charli XCX and Troye Sivan’s Go West Fest)
        13 – Austria, Novarock Festival
        21 – Reykjavik, Iceland, Secret Solstice
        28 – Brooklyn, NY, Brooklyn Mirage (LadyLand Festival)

    1. SCOTUS had to dig deep to rule in the CO. bakery ruling, we'll see if this one gets there.
      I like to keep this handy.

      "Antonin Scalia, writing for the majority, observed that the Court has never held that an individual's religious beliefs excuse him from compliance with an otherwise valid law prohibiting conduct that government is free to regulate. Allowing exceptions to every state law or regulation affecting religion "would open the prospect of constitutionally required exemptions from civic obligations of almost every conceivable kind."

      Oregon v. Smith

  1. Guess who recently said this………….

    "A political opponent locked up in prison? That happens in banana republics"

          1. It's like a good jam, [ or so I've heard, wouldn't know in fact ] but with comments.

    1. That is utterly bizarre. That means there are people, all around us, where any one of them might a clueless dingleberry who voted for Trump because they thought he was a moderate.

      1. Mister Toilet House, come again please
        Here I am on my knees begging if you please
        And the night you don't come my way
        I pray and pray more each day
        'Cause we love you Mister Toilet House

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