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  1. It is true that xtc English Settlement masters cannot be located, and they were housed there, but I'm sure it's a coincidence

      1. Um… Well…


        Yes, yes, of course! Hahaha… no worries there. You have my word on it. Absolutely.

        The fire, explosion and bulldozer demolition came nowhere near.

      1. Inappropriate Theatrics, or How to make a Good Number of D.C. Occupants Poo Themselves.

        It wasn't all that long ago when North American airspace was totally cleared, a commercial airliner approaching International was almost shot down, Patriot missile batteries were stationed all around D.C. and pairs of armed F-16's were flying Combat Air Patrols, escorting jets to airport landings.

        It hasn't become any less scary and I will bet there's a lot of workers in the Capital now who went through those days and just got flipped back into a PTSD episode.

        Fucking jerkoff.

    1. Oh:

      We’re back at the White House now as Donald Trump and Polish president Andrzej Duda hold a joint press conference in the Rose Garden. The press conference was preceded by fly over from a F35 fighter jet, of which the Polish state has just purchased a significant number of.

      Pretty expensive prop, you fucking showboat.

    1. That's rough when you're not set up for it. 98 here, with a swamp cooler. It works when the humidity is low, which used to be every day. Now with that damned Chinese hoax, it's monsoon season all the time anymore.

      1. You're lucky. We get all the heat island effect and it's worsening. Between 2012 and now, there's been two townhome developments adjacent to me that have been built on extremely small lots. With new APS bullshit "select a plan" pricing, my energy bill has gone up 90%, even though usage was consistently down during the last year. (I have a credit balance and live in a LEED Platinum building).

      1. I just noticed that she was on their artist list. I think they tried to make her a thing in the US in the early '90's, but it wasn't happening. (Maybe because she looks like a Brazilian Nazi?) I think it was the Benetton drive to make everything somehow 'global' in adspace during that time. Gen X college roommates + this + Mentos = hilarity.
        Sorry, Xuxa. You should be more well-known.

          1. OFFS, I worked at Tower during that time. There were labels that would stick with me forever– Rounder, Chess, Alligator, Bear Family, Okeh, etc., etc. Yeah, those were dark days for mainstream American music, definitely. I worked in the cassette dungeon.

          2. YES! There really has always been great music such as offered on those labels. I didn't even have a radio station or a record store to source it from. I'd go to music festivals when I could and buy from the artists directly, but until the internet happened, I was stuck in the past.

          3. The same two stations we had back then are still on the air, playing the same shit they did then, but now with moar autotune. I didn't think either pop music or "country" music could get worse, but then along came autotune and proved me wrong. So wrong. But then came the internet and I could reconnect with my tribe. The first station to stream live was [KPIG,] a direct descendant of the legendary [KFAT.] And now, a DJ friend of mine has begun yet another streaming station in the same mold, [KPHT] The music lives on.

          4. Ugh. Autotune. The death of the music industry. Perfectly plastic accompaniment for our no-brain "post-truth" times. Wow, I didn't know about KFAT!! I had to do some research. There's a book about it, |Fat Chance|.

            "It Began With Two Anarchists and a Promise of Free Laundry." (My kind of premise!)

          5. Written by a friend of mine, Gilbert Klein. Unfortunately, he died a couple of years ago. But then, most of the folks associated with KFAT are old. I still have a few friends from there among the living. Many of them made the transition to KPIG, stopping at KHIP on the way. Laura Ellen Hopper was a god damned saint.

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