Alright, which one of you keeps attacking oil tankers in The Gulf of Oman

37 thoughts on “Alright, which one of you keeps attacking oil tankers in The Gulf of Oman

  1. Pompeo and Bolton ah ah
    they're stayin' too far
    from battlefields so glorious
    out in a world of their own
    They'll never come down
    till once again victorious

    Pompeo and Bolton always
    seem so unhappy 'less they got a war

    Pompeo and Bolton ah ah
    like never before are tired of being actionless.

    Pompeo and Bolton so sincere
    your World War III is drawing near

    1. Oh, I got one [ schlocky tune though, maybe fitting ]]

      Ratty hair with smoky eyes
      I can feel you lurking in the night
      All alone and waiting for the press fight
      When I feel cold, you chill me
      And when I feel I can't go on, you bullshit me
      It's you and lies forever

      Sara sneer
      Won't you sneer a while for me, Sara

          1. Ah, thanks. Saw that earlier and did not understand.

            [which put me in the company of the Brits in the thread ]

          2. Hah.
            Also GAH!!!!!!

            [as a child when M.C. came out, I do remember adults freaking hard. I kept asking , WHAT? WHAT?
            I wanna see ]

          3. Don't remember . After I did see it later as a late teen at the midnight pot movies didn't seem so shocking.

  2. lol

    "…observe limitations on airspeed to avoid damage to the F-35’s airframe or stealth coating. Cockpit pressure spikes that cause “excruciating” ear and sinus pain. Issues with the helmet-mounted display and night vision camera that contribute to the difficulty of landing the F-35C on an aircraft carrier."

        1. I'll probably be spending twice that much on a couple of loads of cobblestones for my driveway. Still cheaper than concrete or asphalt.

          1. Be wary of the neck…I had a flea market Kay from that era, couldn't adjust the neck. But it looks great, see if you can play it

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