53 thoughts on “IT’S

  1. Your Grotesquely inappropriate Trumpism for today, Ladies and Gentlemen. No, no need to thank me.

    Best response Tweet:

    vickiB @mini_fig
    17 minutes ago
    Replying to @RosieGray @davidmackau

    Huh. I never saw nudies of Jackie O

      1. full disclosure: I used to eat Campbell’s chunky clam chowder for breakfast in high school. Frozen clam chowder wouldn’t be much of a stretch

    1. lol

      Balaji Manickavel
      ‏ @ManicBalaji
      2h2 hours ago

      He believes in Democracy.

      Its people who needs to think before they vote and decide who they want to decide & voice behalf them.

      Don't blame him

      1. There are still hardworking journalists at the NYT, defying the editorial board warmongers with pieces like:

        Three Ways to Fold a T-Shirt

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