73 thoughts on “Fresh Masonry

    1. President Kamala’s Hand
      ‏ @DearDean22
      47m47 minutes ago

      He will pick her for vp to replace pence is my guess

      Oh dear Crom no.

  1. Haha, yes.

    בנימן טבלוב | Benjamin@bentev28
    How do you keep bigots off social media?

    FACEBOOK: Wow, it's tough but we're trying! <img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="❤️" src="http://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/72×72/2764.png"><img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="👍" src="http://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/72×72/1f44d.png"&gt;
    TWITTER: What is "bigotry", really?
    RAVELRY: Our grandmothers wrote code into scarves that sunk Nazi submarines. We carry razor sharp needles everywhere and we will fuck. you. up.

          1. Yes I remember it being a terrible taste but that it worked and that my granddad loved them because he remembered them from his own childhood.

          2. To quote my long-dead grandmother:
            "If it doesn't hurt or taste bad, it isn't good for you."

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