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  1. July 1: Dive 10: Richardson Jellyfish

    Today we are diving at a site to the south of the region where a long, deep-sea reef (Richardson Reef) was discovered on the Windows to the Deep 2018 expedition. Leg 1 of the Windows to the Deep 2019 mapped more of the area and found this feature that appears to be an underwater slump and has the same characteristic mounds around the top of the feature as those seen in Richardson Reef. This dive will help possibly identify further extent of the reef complex. We will be on the seafloor from about 9 – 4 pm ET.

    We're in a slump, but at least there are mounds.

  2. Also I would like to take a moment to say that I love and respect Canada, and hope that, should I want to move there, possibly in January of 2021, they would welcome me .

      1. I remember earlier [month or two ago ] reports of them shuffling people around, can't find anything on this particular.

        1. There was that one story about them removing 300 kids from that one place, then a day or so later they brought 100 of them back. Not much of a dent in the population, still way overcrowded.

      1. Reminds me, my song / album title for today is based on the options on the GOES
        weather satellite page:

        "Stop, Rock, Zoom, Refresh."

        1. Well, hardly ever knew what was going on with that, but I know
          where to go for Irish R&B singers
          [ and not even need to put up a video ]

          eta: That's pretty fuckin cool though.

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