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  1. Increased numbers are appearing in the cold streams of Maine, the lakes of Michigan and Wisconsin and Florida’s Suwannee River. A 14-foot Atlantic sturgeon was recently spotted in New York’s Hudson River. The Chesapeake Bay-area population was feared to be extinct in the mid-1990s. Now thousands of them are believed to be there.

    Friday Nice Time!

      1. This is outstanding, RADAR solves a lot of remote sensing's optical limitations (Oh look, I'm talking like my remote sensing expertise isn't decades old).

        Chinese and German authors and Japanese, Canadian and German LEO environmental sensing satellites. I hope America still gets to do this stuff.

          1. Oh, now I see ……the $184m is the AZ. investent, not Nike's.
            He should hav spoken more clearly.

          2. Collin Yourbs @CollinYourbs

            Replying to @dougducey @GoodyearAZGov @Nike

            I'm old enough to remember when @dougducey threwTwitter tantrum about Nike and ordered the Arizona Commerce Authority to take punitive measures against the company.

    1. If you are in town for an event and do not have a confirmed seat on a flight out of the city, do not go to the airport. You will not be allowed to sleep there and wait for the next flight.

      1. An old friend of mine had a picture of himself with a 900+ lb barn door he caught in Washington. A fish that size wouldn't even fit in my local river.

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