32 thoughts on “Shelter in place.

      1. Always liked the Stones, but I never really wanted to see them.

        Got to 103° here today, warmest day of the year so far. We usually see our first 100° day in May, this year it wasn't until Thursday of this week. Pretty good summer so far.

  1. Just in case your forehead is healing………..

    Ryan Grim
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    Ryan Grim Retweeted Matt Browner Hamlin

    Now @maureendowd has gone to Rahm to referee the Pelosi-AOC dispute. Maybe next Alex Jones can moderate a discussion on the moon landing.

      1. Did KL do a parody "Area 51 Revisited"?
        Did we?
        I have foundann album title, one song by different artist [ synth techno stuff ]
        and one song on spotify that I can't listen to, bc. no spotify.

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