69 thoughts on “Heavy Metal Knits

          1. Still is. This is now such an important part of our cultural heritage that we should craft a huge stone monument in its likeness and install it on the grounds of City Hall, next to Baphomet.

          2. A monstrous pile of poop with tentacles that can reach anyone pretty much describes our government right now, so yeah, makes sense.

            Who knew Wonkville's cultural heritage echoes the broader culture so precisely.

          3. Once released into the world, these things take on a life of their own. I think a giant stone likeness of a tentacled Poop Entity playing all the instruments from a 3-piece rock band would look smashing next to the Museum of the Bible on the National Mall.

          1. Long ago, I used "Area 51 Revisited" in my online bio before I changed it to "Area 51 Adjacent". I should probably change it again since I don't live there anymore, but fuck it, sounds like work to me.

          1. Excellent. If you had been blamed for inspiring a mass murder death cult, you'd want to get some mileage out of it too.

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