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  1. I punched into this interview halfway in this morning, totally missing the intro (I have to monitor this station on the commute in, for traffic reasons) and knew exactly who it was after just a few sentences. Andy's a cast-in-stone RWNJ who the Club for Growth installed in MD-1 after primarying | Wayne Gilchrest | out. The last Republican I voted (and probably will ever vote) for.

    Maryland's First is a deeply red gerrymandered to hell district that, I'm ashamed to say, includes This Benighted Peninsula on which I live. They always vote against the economic and environmental interests of at least 60% of the locals and they seem to be good with all of the consequences. Harris is a shoe-in for reelection as long as he wants it and he fits right in, even though he's safely ensconced in the affluent Baltimore suburbs when he's not dialing for dollars in DC.

    I've gotten used to his views, statements and voting record being diametrically opposed to what I and most normal people consider Right and Reasonable, but going live on the radio to say that that torrent of racist tweets by an avowed out-racist is not, in fact, Racist has to be a brand new low.

    This is the guy who had a photo-op interview outside the shuttered gates of the CDC during the first government shutdown, shamelessly haranguing the Democrats for taking away cancer treatments for kids (if you remember, it was the Republicans who controlled Congress who decided that shutting down the government would be a great bargaining tactic). He's also against EPA air and water quality regulations, doesn't believe in CO2-driven anthropogenic climate change and when the R's were in charge, took particular delight in hassling D.C. about decriminalizing dope.

    I've been trying to vote him out for years, but he's really the poster boy for why Gerrymandering is a Bad Thing.

      1. I've only been there once. I didn't see much goofy shit while I was there, certainly no more than the normal amount I see out west.

          1. JUST IN: Reps. Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib will hold a 5PM ET press conference to respond to Trump's tweets and comments

          2. I lucked into hearing this live on CSPAN radio on the way home. A nice bookend to the day and a much needed chaser, I might add.

            It was a remarkable thing to hear. | Kyle Griffin | has posted a selection of quotes that I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more of.

            There's no one more American than these four. If they're the future, the Republic will be in very good hands.

    1. OCΞLOT šŸ•¹@Ocielootles

      When ArtDecider is here without even being summoned, you know some shit is wrong.

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