81 thoughts on “Apollo 11, Real Time +50

  1. You can pick up the coverage from launch, or step in to current mission in-progress time.

    Just a reminder that while a brutal wave of political assassinations, cities aflame with race riots, a savage overseas proxy war, the country convulsed with demonstrations and the West at nuclear sword's points with the USSR was happening, we were able to go from "technologically impossible" to "landing men on the Moon" in a decade.

    Never mind the Cold War reasons, the Space Race fired the imaginations of kids (and adults) worldwide and for a brief time brought a great part of the world together in celebration of an incredible human triumph. "We Came In Peace For All Mankind" is on the commemorative plaque on the Lunar Module. Still.

      1. My little cousin was born on this day. I do not like her in the least, I do not have a charming birthday story about her, she is a cringingly bubble-headed waste of space. I steer totally clear of her and her family. She was just born on this day.

        Come to think of it, she would probably survive just fine, sans suit, on the moon.

          1. Good for you. Most of my family are nice, thoughtful and lovely humans. This one is an exception. Fortunately I never, ever have to interact with her so it's a non-issue. She was just born on this day.

          1. Gene: "Um, Arthur, can you explain…"

            Clark: "Yes, 'Dicking with' is a technical term for 'adjusting', named after my good friend Dickie, a radio engineer with the RAF…"

          1. I never understood how Howdy Doody Wife Swap lasted more than one season, especially when it was competing for ratings with Romper Room.

          2. That's why I stuck with the detective shows, like The Rockford Wife Swap Files where at the end the hero solves the case and order is restored.

          1. Related to this and weej:

            By the way, who's working on getting the transporter up and running? Don't need it for people, just objects.

        1. My camera at the time was a Yashica Mat 124 square format. I coveted the earthbound version of that Hasselblad.

    1. Honestly, I care lees what Alyssa thinks about the coming election than who the hummingbirds who live in our yard perceive as the best candidate. Why do we consider celebs to be rational political pundits? This gives me a serious confused.

      1. WE have cloud minus

        8:35 a.m.
        87 F
        Feels like 90°
        30.02 in
        10 miles
        Clouds –
        Dew Point
        67 F
        0 in
        Snow Depth
        0 in

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