61 thoughts on “Etowah County Sheriff Continues Practice of Jailing for Fun and Profit

      1. Yeah, damn, hey, it may still work because many of them will think not nominating a new justice is a cospiracy of the deep state.

  1. Published: 35 minutes ago
    Updated: 30 minutes ago

    WASHINGTON, D.C. (WTHR / NBC NEWS) — The House will vote Wednesday afternoon on a resolution to impeach President Donald Trump.

          1. And I thought I was unique.
            Apparently I've been sending myself spam emails from one account to another, which is fun.

  2. [ fergot I had saved this yesterday ]

    Grind Volta:

    ​800k saying they’re storming Area 51,
    anyone that’s been in a local band knows 7 people are showing up to that.

    1. Reno news last night aired an interview with the guy who created the facebook page that sparked it. He said what most people always knew, it's a fucking joke, son, but now it's taken on a life of its own and some idiot will likely get shot.

      1. Yeah, I didn't mean to suggest that it was going anywhere, or that it should. Just noting that it was going on.
        On the other hand, there's still no formal impeachment inquiry either.

        They did hold Barr and Ross in contempt, though.

        1. That's something, and they plan to do the same with KAC.

          What became of Rep Clay's impeachment motion from a couple weeks ago?

          1. Ya know, I thought there was another recent one, but forgot who did it.
            I guess everyone just forgot about it too.

  3. Hey to any other mods around:

    I have been lax in cleaning out the spam and now we've got 5,000+ in there. I will go in and clean out as I have free time but I think this is a project for any and every mod who might have some free time.

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