159 thoughts on “There can be only one explanation for this.

  1. The air temp here now is 98.7 F. A nice swim in bathwater would be great for heat exhaustion, but not much else.

    Tred Avon NOAA Vertical Profiler

    <img src="http://eyesonthebay.dnr.maryland.gov/contmon/Images/noaaprofiler.jpg"/&gt;

    Years deployed:
    2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
    Placement of data meter:
    Measurements at 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4 & 4.5 meters
    Site water depth: ~5 meters

    Latest 1m Data Record: 7/18/19 8:02 AM
    Water Temp: 30.1 °C (86.2 °F)
    Salinity 6.7 ppt
    Dissolved Oxygen 5.67 mg/L (78.0 % sat)
    Turbidity 17.5 NTU
    Chl a 10.0 µg/L

    1. YIKES! Move here where it's

      99 °

      29.85 in
      10 miles

      Dew Point
      64 F

    2. 62 here right now, high 70's earlier today but just mild humidity, nothing like the hot death sponge the rest of you are soaking in.

      I drove down to Costco after work today and it was foggy all along the beach and cold-ish and drizzly. Refreshing – almost a guilty pleasure.

  2. So, due to circumstances we need not go into at this point, I was in need of a small recliner and a narrower dresser
    than I had, so as to fit the recliner.
    Went to a respectable used furniture store, got a recliner and dresser for $250.00, and there was one of these laying there
    on a couch, so I said, 'why not'? Since I paid about $500 less than I was expecting…….
    $60, just like at reverb. It may need some work.

    Now gotta go eat and drink with friends.

      1. Well, the action is about .5 at the 12th. Don't even know if the electric works because
        I had to clean stuff [ wtf? ] transfer stuff and arrange stuff and then go drink beer and eat
        carne seca, then drink scotch and fume about…..you know who and the you know whats.

          1. Well a half inch at the 12th fret would require the player to have a seriously savage attack style of playing. Is the neck bowed, or does the neck need to be reset, or both?

          2. Neck looks straight, but am still arranging stuff so I have enough room to dick with it.


          1. There were no skinheads on the lawn (at the outdoor venue), but they saw Jerry's Daughter and identified a Surprise Truck.

            Zippy is hibernating, maybe. Or pupating?

          1. Yeah, now imagine that with Kashmir and Interstellar Overdrive also thrown into the mix.

    1. Wow. It looks dimensional. That is insane. No one should be this talented.

      Also I want to hear that she cut it using nothing but nail clippers or shed cat claws and that that is part of the tradition of this technique. Somehow that would not be surprising.

    1. Much as I'd like this to be true – just to watch Trump have to handwave away his highly detailed fantasy explanation he probably made up on the spot – don't they have onboard IFF transponders?

        1. Y'know, Iran captured one of our bat-winged Navy drones a year or so ago (?). It would be a good prank for them to get it flying again and make the U.S. Navy shoot it down.

          1. "Cosy one-of-a-kind Artist's Hideaway in a rustic semi-private setting. Easy access, rite-sized yard with lots of possibilities. Many handcrafted features. Must see!"

    1. Mary Robinette Kowal@MaryRobinette
      FAQ: Erections in space? Officially, it's never happened.

      However, according to Mike Mullane in his book, Riding Rockets, he woke most mornings on the shuttle with his "wooden puppet friend"

      "I had an erection so intense it was painful. I could have drilled through kryptonite."

      In the Shuttle's compartment
      A foot without a sock
      Awoke at oh-four-hundred
      I fumble for my cock
      Alarmed by this erection
      I hope it doesn't pop

    1. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

      Makes me wonder, would those guys go to visit the asshole in the White House now?

      Also Diana Rigg's birthday.

        1. There's peat fires in Greenland, now. No one's willing to go on the record to say that this is worrisome or not, but it's probably just another one of those things that will keep me awake at night.

      1. Right? You really gotta understand and internalize Beefheart to come anywhere close to that. Can't do it casually.

    1. jeje

      Bad John Brown@BadJohnBrown
      Replying to @KevinMKruse and @Harlan

      The Anti-Chalupa forces are gathering as we speak. Should we just call them antipa?

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