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    “Trees block views and there are too many rocks.” – at Yosemite National Park⁣

    We get it. Everyone has their own unique park experience. Some are positive. Some are a little less positive. We offer some of the “best of the worst” online national park reviews below! If one of these is yours…thank you! What’s the “best worst review” you can think of?⁣ C’mon. We can take it.

    “There are bugs and stuff, and they will bite you on your face.” – at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park⁣

    “I have seen bigger mountains.” – at Mount Rainier National Park⁣

    "I would recommend not to go in the cold months because it is very cold." – at Bryce Canyon National Park ⁣

    “We were eagerly expecting lots of fire and sound. There was only a plume of smoke for the 2 hours we were there.” – at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park⁣

    “Doesn’t look anything like the license plate.” – at Arches National Park ⁣

    “There was dirt everywhere.” – at Grand Canyon National Park⁣

    “It’s basically a desert with some dead trees.” – Petrified Forest National Park⁣

    1. Once at night on the South Rim of Big Ditch with Mom and Sis et al. [ this and the above kind of thoughts are why my friends and I started ironically called it The Big Ditch in the first place ]. no moon out , and it was DARK down there. Seemed to lose the light from the rim a couple hundred feet down, and then there was dark. Very Dark I mean DARK! Probably the darkest I've seen while outside,. which to me was kinda amazing .
      Other tourists hangin around, woman says to nobody in particular , " Why don't they have lights on it at night so we can see.?"

    2. "There was a huge pair of Fruit-of-the-Loom's stuffed full of liquid Poo sitting *right on the trail*. Barely avoided stepping in them. Laughed for 5 minutes" – Me, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, rim trail.

    1. Cool.
      Story: After the climate apocalypse, through the vagaries of the the changed patterns, Uzbekistan become the most human-habitable area of the planet.

        1. ty,
          where they chant ,"999".

          eta: remember when it was funny that a [ long shot but potential President ] knew fuck-all about anything .

      1. I can't tell what he's holding, it's obscured by borders. The probe looks like one of the docking vehicles from Salut/Skylab or Soyuz/Shuttle

  2. Another story: Horrible disaster will be averted if this one device can be fixed. All that is needed is a certain sized torx driver, which you happen to have, all other having been .[ ….I dunno…confiscated……. yes, ] confiscated but yours escaped detection
    because you had used it to push wood filler down into these small holes and it was covered with the stuff. Unfortunately, you couldn't get enough of the wood filler off in time for it to work properly, and everybody dies.

    1. I want to see the video on how to get the dryer to arrange the clothes in a specific order for easy removal.

        1. Don't tell Elon Musk about this. He'll get all distracted and devote billions of dollars and years of engineering hours to self-folding clothes dryers instead of the important work of launching electric cars and mannequins into space.

    1. my reply to Mags

      "All Americans, living and dead, came of age in an America that was roiled by racial tensions and where race was a factor in every election, local and national, every four years"

      1. +10

        Also, apparently some Dem. somewhere may have said things that some might interpret as not being entirely factually
        correct., and that person and all the rest of us are not going to hear the end of it until the heat death of the universe.

        1. And here's why:

          Replying to @maggieNYT

          Because Maggie Haberman does not disclose this anywhere.

          Nancy Haberman her mother works for a PR firm that counts the Trump and Kushner family as clients.

          1. I’ve read that somewhere. So basically, like Trump, she can’t help being the product of the influences that surrounded her growing up. Also too Maggie completely lacks any self awareness.

          2. That's the charitable interpretation. The less charitable interpretation is that Maggie directly profits from promoting Kushner/Trump et al and has a vested interest in its continuation.

          3. I do not understand why the NYT gives these grifters and idiots a platform and still thinks of itself as a voice of reason.

    1. Also, I had this thought and could have said nothing . But I may have personal issues I still need to work on, so I'm going to own it here for all the world to see, I apologize beforehand, but am going to admit to it.

      " I think I would walk to Capitol Hill to see AOC in that dress. "

        1. I didn't have the sound on, so I imagined her shouting "BRING IT MOTHERFUCKERS!." as they dragged her out.

    2. Some jerkoff Meme Warrior p-shopped the poster for "Gangster Wars" and posted this trash on one of those Qanon sites. Nice to see that the mainstream Republican Party in heartland America are fans and I'm sure we should be tailoring our message and policies to get the votes of these simple farmers, this common clay of the New West.

      Plus, Ilhan should be brandishing an AK variant + banana mag, not that Winchester pump. For accuracy reasons.

    1. Dry your eyes my little friend
      Let me take you by the hand
      Freddie get ready
      Rock steady
      When Gritty strikes up the band
      They'll be rocking in the projects
      Walking down along the strand
      Freddie get ready
      Rock steady
      When Gritty strikes up the band
      Gritty strikes up the band

    1. Thanks. My Davis has been yelling DANGEROUSLY HIGH HEAT INDEX at me for most of the weekend, so I've just buttoned up and kept the structure cool by generating as little internal heat as possible (grills rule at these temps).
      This is supposed to break tomorrow, with severe thunderstorms and flash flood watches from here north and east, of course.
      Living my best Anthropocene life

    2. The mountains around, and the West Side of T. , have gotten some dumps of rain, but it has yet to make it to the important part of town

    1. Heh, it's a meme

      JCinKY • 7 minutes ago

      Mueller Hearings are still a couple of days away, but the coverage plans are already in place. The big three broadcast networks will scrap their regular schedules and carry the hearings live… (link: https://mailchi.mp/cnn/rs-j... mailchi.mp/cnn/rs-july-21…

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