15 thoughts on “Does a Monkey Poop in the Forest??

    1. From the Abstract:
      Our measurements confirm that in boreal spring when African dust transport is greatest, dust supplies the majority of P, of which 5% is soluble. In boreal fall, when dust transport is at an annual minimum, we measured unexpectedly high concentrations of soluble P, which we show is associated with the transport of biomass burning (BB) from southern Africa.

      Go figure. I was looking for quantified Phosphorous input estimates, but it looks like you need to pay to get those. I'm interested, but now *that* interested. Bet this helps out the Sargassum bloom in the doldrums too.

          1. Mike Runyan@runyan50
            Replying to @GarofaloWX

            It looks exactly like a Melania Trump Christmas tree

    1. The miners were passing the time playing cornhole, and supporters had donated food, drinks and chewing tobacco.


      Paychecks the company issued to the miners on June 28 bounced, leaving hundreds overdrawn and forced to turn to public assistance and donations for help.


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