51 thoughts on “Jamming good with Weird and Gilly

  1. It's peak Argiope season now on This Benighted Peninsula and orbs are scattered everywhere, catching insects tiny and large for their builders' devouring pleasure. Yellow Garden Spiders start out small but grow shockingly fast post molt and suddenly you realize that the garden is festooned with these huge black and yellow arachnids.

    At the end of August to mid September, just as suddenly they're all gone, leaving nothing but brown papery egg capsules and a few tattered strands of web.

    Next spring all of the overwintered spiderlings will erupt from the cases to start it all over again. They will be welcome to feast away in my garden.

    | Here are more great pics, | for you to enjoy/scream over.

    1. The dog and I encountered one the other night that had spun a web from a tree to a parked car, spanning the sidewalk. It was dark, and I noticed it with very little distance margin before we were ensnared.

          1. Stoned humor and antique cultural references aside, this parody came out at exactly the time that LOTR needed to be parodied.

            ("Swiftly rising gorges" still gets me)

    1. Every time I block one number, they clone another one. Friends have reported seeing calls coming from their own number. I usually don't answer the phone unless I recognize the number, but they're getting good at spoofing us.

  2. My spider story from last Sunday:

    So I took the dogs out for their last potty call before bedtime and when I came back in, turned around to turn off the light switch, I noticed a delicate spider web, inside, just next to the door, covering about six inches of space between the door and the cupboard. The reason I noticed was because it was covered with about maybe a hundred little gnats, which must have come in through the screen since they were tiny enough.

    So I got the dogs in, closed the door, went into the kitchen to get a kleenex to get rid of the web, came back to the web, and just as I was about to wipe it all away, looked closer: those were not gnats – they were BABY SPIDERS.

    I wiped them away and put the kleenex in the trash bin. OUTSIDE.

    The end.

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