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  1. “There’s no way this is even remotely appropriate in the way that we conduct business here in Escambia County,” Underhill said while pointing to the box. “We have staff members, young people, who have to handle the mail here.

    Those poor young staffers. I know for a fact that I'd be seriously disappointed if I opened a box of "Industrial Strength Dildos" and it was only filled with paper. I hope they'e getting counseling.

    "Industrial Strength Dildos" is the name of my my new Kraftwerk themed Alt-Country band. You should see the hats.

      1. HA, I never saw this entire thing and it's awesome. Did they really win an Emmy?

        Man, after that press conference, Escambia County Commissioner Doug Underhill is going to recieve so many dildos in the mail.

  2. Field Report

    There was a Moms Demand Action/Everytown for Gun Safety Rally this morning. Deb Haaland spoke (2nd time i've seen her speak this month, the first was at the Carptener's Union Hall on Solidarity Day). Metal Mayor Keller signed an administrative order, live at the rally, banning weapons from community centers.

    A 2nd amendment MAGA showed up, heckling. He was enraged and shouty. We encircled him and held signs in his face, at which point the police told us to "be calm". Then the guy left, with anger and disgust in his eyes.


    1. This afternoon I'm going to a meet and greet with our Dem candidate for Congress, [Chris Bubser.] Two years ago we couldn't even get a Dem on the ballot. Hope we do better this time, but I know my neighbors.

    2. Good for you, taking the non-violence high road. Of course, the Police told *you guys* to be calm and not the red-faced angry shouter, right?

      These last few years have only reinforced my opinion that the greatest threat to "2nd Amendment Rights" is the angry man who decides that picking up a firearm will solve all his personal problems.

      Also, there's not nearly enough talk about 2nd Amendment Responsibilities. IMHO.

      1. "Every bad guy with a gun thinks he's a good guy with a gun." – julius goat

        I spoke with the cop after the situation de-escalated. I explained that we were calm, and employing gentle push-back against someone who was clearly there only to cause trouble. He started with "remember why we're here" (to end gun violence) and "everyone's opinion heard" (gun massacres are not an opinion). I got him to concede eventually that the dude was an angry troublemaker.

    3. That guy in the middle-distance, sitting on the ground in a long-sleeve red shirt and a hat with ear flaps – he has a muppet mouth.

  3. Hey everyone, random question:

    Do any of you remember seeing an article earlier this year (Not on WV) about a pastor in some southern state who wrote a really cool public letter that went viral about the real reasons people are pro-life? I want to send it to a friend of mine but I can't find it anywhere.

      1. Better thanks. I might go back, though. It doesn't hurt as much but the redness has really spread and now I'm thinking, heck just go back and have them look at it, no harm in that.

        1. Ahem.

          They drew a circle around the inflamed area with a sharpie and said if it spreads very much beyond that to see my doc, but that it will probably start to diminish pretty quickly.

          1. I know I know!!!!

            I'm trying to wait it out because it's the weekend. If it is still bad tomorrow I will go in, but otherwise I will try to wait until MOnday when my doctor's is open.

    1. I have a guess about what that is supposed to do, but am not gonna say anything until
      you get back from the doctor.

  4. Banks’s explanation for it is that he invoked the drowning of a child for fun because he enjoys watching outrage. …

    “It was a joke .. you lefties have no sense of humour.”


  5. | Welsh Anti-Sex Toilets | (not an Onion bit).

    Violent movement sensors would automatically open the doors and sound high-pitched alarms, with fine water jets soaking the interior. Weight-sensitive floors would ensure only one user could be in a cubicle at a time, to safeguard against “inappropriate sexual activity and vandalism”.

    That Porthcawl must be a wild and randy place. Who knew?

      1. Visitors will have to pay to use the toilets but the charge has not been decided.

        "Thanks, we don't want to pay. We will go over to Thyegston and use the sex toilets there for free."

    1. …will feature weight sensors and sound alarms to stop anti-social use

      Dunno. Sounds like a pretty social use to me.

    2. Did you enjoy your pubcrawl in Porthcawl? Yes__ No__

      No. Definitely no. We thought it would be more fun because of the name.

    1. Those are probably both reporters. Lack of protestors tells me everyone has decided to vote for him again anyway. Fuck Iowa.

          1. White rice? Never thought of that.

            I have a lot of brown rice, is the white rice for the blandness?

          2. Yes, and lowish fiber. The traditional B.R.A.T diet calls for white rice

            ETA after i had antibiotic gut-biome genocide, low fiber for a couple days was recommended

          3. "antibiotic gut-biome genocide"

            So is that what I have to look forward to?

            Don't get me wrong, that sounds much better than leg amputation.

            Also: I spent the first six months of this year having what they decided was GERT, just contstant gastric turbulence, really really bad, actually, sometimes random in-the-mouth vomiting, and to be frank, I didn't tell my doctor this, but it also went on for much of last year – basically from after the fire until this past June I lived on Tums. Well when I finally went in to see her, about something else, something minor, the gastric drama had calmed down although it was still present. She put me on Prilosec and the GERD disappeared pretty much instantaneously. Along with the cough I'd had all that time. It was miraculous. I felt like my old self again. But I told her I would like to find out if the cause of the GERD was H pylori. She said that to run that test I have to be off the prilosec and no tums for at least two weeks, and then I can take the test.

            Well now that I'm having fun with the antibiotics, I'm having this gastric activity again – no WAY am I enduring that again! So I am taking tums again and I think tomorrow morning I'll break out the prilosec and just take the h pylori test down the road whenever I've been off this for two weeks.

            But I'm wondering – If i do have h pylori, the antibiotics will probably blast it into oblivion, won't it? I mean: terrific. But at the same time, it would be kind of a let down to think I may never know if h pylori was what was behind this crap I dealt with for so long.

          4. What is the specific antibiotic? If it's not "broad spectrum", then (a) it probably won't result in genocide, just some ethnic cleansing, and (b) may or may not be effective against the pylori. it would be wise to treat that directly

          5. Amoxicillin and Clavulanate 875-125. Big horse pills. At least for me.

            Your comment made me realize – duh – that I should google, "What antibiotics are used to kill h pylori?" here is the response:

            Therapy for H. pylori infection consists of 10 days to 2 weeks of one or two effective antibiotics, such as amoxicillin, tetracycline (not to be used for children <12 yrs.), metronidazole, or clarithromycin, plus either ranitidine bismuth citrate, bismuth subsalicylate, or a proton pump inhibitor.

            So it sounds like if I do have h pylori, this med might knock it to its knees but not necessarily wipe it out.

            Actually I am hoping of course that I don't have h pylori, but I just want to know, dammit. I was a cough and belch and gas and vomit show for quite a long time. It was miserable.

          6. Is there a screening test? It could be worry about nothing if you don't have it…either way it may be better to know

          7. That's my point. I asked for the screening test, and my doctor gave me an rx to go ahead and get it, but if there is any antacid or prilosec in my system the screening test won't work, so I have to be off of my stomach calming stuff for at least two weeks prior to the test. I started to get off of them when this thing came along and the antibiotics are giving me an upset stomach so I am taking tums again. So at best I will have to wait another two weeks after all this is over before I can take the h pylori test.

            I am guessing I don't have h pylori but I just want to check. About 15 years ago I had a long phase of having terrible stomach issues, burning, indigestion, etc., after a bad flu and my doc at the time had me take the test and it was negative for h pylori. So this time again I would like to rule it out.

          8. Ah shit I missed that part, sorry. It's not going to develop resistance in a couple weeks. There's time.

            I was (wrongly) imagining the case where the amoxicillin was inadequate but there was no follow up treatment., I didn't catch the part about the incompatibility of the treatments

          9. No worries. It's confusing and all a bit trivial.

            The amoxi is for the bacterial infection thing in my leg. Which feels way way better this evening, btw. If I'm honest it was slightly worrying there for the past few days.

            ETA: I should add that I think anyone should be able to have these sorts of tests so that they don't have to worry and can get proper care as needed. Universal health coverage should exist in one affordable/free form or another. I just had my mammo, my insurance covers it at 100%, it came back fine, which always takes a HUGE load off my mind. It is terrible that people can't get these basic screenings affordably because of jackasses in government.

          10. Update: My doc's office called me this morning re some housekeeping and follow up to my ER visit. I asked the nurse about the amoxi killing off the h pylori. She laughed. No, it will not kill it off. Apparently, though, it will kill off pretty much all the friendly flora, so she said I should eat some probiotics and yogurt, etc., also buy some monostat to keep handy just in case, because it really really will kill off all the friendly flora.

            I haven't thought of all this, haven't taken an antibiotic in years, maybe decades.

            She also said that I can eat tums and still take the h pylori test, but that's not what the doc said, so when I meet with her I will confirm that. If that's the case, then I want to take it as soon as possible. Get the damn test off my to-do list.

            I guess h pylori is like that last guest at a party who won't take a hint and go home.

          11. I take a few Rx meds, prilosec among them. I always kept my morning pills separate from my evening pills to avoid mixing them up. Last week, apparently, I forgot why I did that and put them in the same cabinet. Then I promptly took my morning pills (blood pressure and a water pill) at night, which kept me up all night peeing, and forgot to take my night pills, including the prilosec, which gave me dreadful GERD the next day. I can't go one day without that, I can't imagine two weeks. I think I'd rather live with the h pylori.

          1. What is the world coming to when you can't even make a good Zappa joke before everyone else does?

          2. It's a sad state of affairs when this correspondent has to dig in the depths of Zappa trivia on a Sunday afternoon.

            America Fakes and Throws Home

    1. Isn't Heartland that Koch-sponsored anti-climate-change propaganda website? I could be wrong. Maybe this guy has a point. But I am thinking that Heartland is that disinformation site.

        1. It is inexcusable that people are willing to sign on to this nonsense for the sake of enriching rich men, at the expect of our entire world.

    2. Meh, this sounds like a lot of the climate delayer/denier "there's nothing we can do, so let's do nothing" approach. Also he seems to want to quibble about the 97% number rather than propose a course of action. The deniers would love for people to get bogged down in the minutiae of the argument and delay any course of action.

      Also his suggesting that the people who fund climate research are nefarious profiteers, while the more sensible folks prefer the addiction to petroleum, while himself proposing no constructive mitigation. All the hallmarks of a denier hit piece.

      1. "Climate researchers are nefarious profiteers"

        Classic example of the wrongdoer pointing a finger at the other folks and accusing them of doing the exact thing the wrongdoer is doing.

        1. The smocking gun!

          Dude also said "don't bother with NSF peer review, that takes too long. More expedient to have Heartland and Cato review it"

      1. Next time, maybe direct IPA blood transfusion

        Got a Halperin defender (?) arguing that he's already been punished (with a multimillion $ book stipend) and anyway there's no evidence that he's still doing it

    1. This is hilarious – Flight of the Valkyries on a tuba.

      Also I love how the Nazis are wearing jack boots but they are all chubby and shuffling along. Also they are wearing black polo shirts. They don't seem to have any sense of what to do with their hands. They do not exactly look like ubermenschen. This music is the perfect accompaniment.

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