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  1. So I'm still fixated on this cat bite thing, so I was googling again this morning. I found an |article| that gives some interesting stats.

    It seems the average age of bitees is 49, 68 percent of bitees are women, half of bitees visit the emergency room and that the average time to seek treatment is 27 hours after being bitten.

    I read that as: most bitees are middle-aged cat ladies and that I have found my tribe.

        1. Even though your cat(s) would carelessly kill you, they would also be the first to complain that you didn't feed them. Ingrates.

    1. Never mind. Didn't find those ones, but found others of the same I forgot I had.
      Also coined a new [ I think new ] phrase when something unexpected happens, to wit :
      "Well I'll be dog-dicked", which I spontaneously spoke outloud up finding the other screws.
      So a good coupla minutes there.

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