57 thoughts on “Burn of the Century

  1. Gingrich, in the midst of railing against history, brought low by his own. While it's immensely satisfying to see, the fact that we still have to read these florid tribal stylings in public by this grotesque caricature of a human legislator brings continual disgrace on this century and the previous one which had the misfortune to have birthed him.

    A person with any shame would have crumpled to nothingness long ago, or dedicated his waning years to reconciliation, like George Wallace tried to do.

    "Shame" and "regret" are alien concepts to people such as Gingrich and the rich asshole though, and that gives them power over those of us who do get them. They're on a wild ride through the world now with their awful droog followers, stealing everything they want and wrecking everything they don't. This can't last, it never has and I hope I'm there to tramp the dirt down when the whole corrupt infrastructure comes down around them.

    I hope, too, that there's something left to build on when history's through with them.

          1. Hey, wait a minute!

            If I had HBO and had seen it on John Oliver's show, I would have done what I could. Fish cannons need to be widespread. Or at least there they need to be.

    1. This has been the most pleasant summer here in my memory, which goes back a ways. Probably only about a dozen days over 100°F. It's supposed to hit the century mark almost daily through the rest of August, though.

      I might go to the Bay Area this weekend to a friends party, featuring music by

          1. I'd hate for my dogs to pick this information up on the streets. I'd better sit them down and have the talk. First step is I'll have to get them to SIT.

    1. Many Twitterers have observed that in the original McNaughton (as well as this fine parody), what is supposed to look like a thumb holding the palette could indeed be perceived as another part of the presidential corpus.

  2. True fact:

    Eight of the nine currently trending tweets worldwide have to do with Spiderman, or lack thereof.
    The ninth involves 'Heath' and I have no fucking clue…………

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