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  1. While Dorian was pulling away from the United States on Saturday night, parts of the Canadian Maritimes were getting battered with 100-mph wind gusts. But Dorian’s most terrifying feat in Canada may not have struck on land. Dorian whipped up a 100-foot rogue wave.

    Never get out of the boat.

    “The reprieve doesn’t last long though; within a couple of hours the waves are back up to 70 feet. A 70 foot wave has an angled face of well over 100 feet. The Seastate has reached levels that no one on the boat, and few people one earth, have ever seen. When the Contship Holland finally limped into port several days later, one of the officers stepped off and swore he would never set foot on another ship again.”
    ― Sebastian Junger, The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea

    Never get *into* a boat.

    1. Yikes.
      I may have mentioned before that I went to see "Perfect Storm' , sat in front row.
      Almost peed myself a couple times.

      1. I want nothing to do with weather like that. Just looking at those data makes me queasy.

        (I was scared in the movie too, but there's stuff Junger has in the book that will give you nightmares)

          1. Oh yeah, and that was written before the ascent tours got really bad.

            The good news is that Everest is melting so they can finally remove all the bodies, trash and poop.

          2. My freshman high school science teacher Mr. Dalziel taught me not to do that, by actually demonstrating why it is bad. He also taught me how to make LSD. I liked Mr. Dalziel.

          3. Have you ever seen Michael Palin's series Himilaya? Totally different than Junger but a nice video tour of Everest. And from the north side.

  2. O/T: |Administration officials have discussed using the federal government to get homeless people off the streets of Los Angeles and other areas and into new government-backed facilities |

    OK, so now we're talking about a large scale roundup of an despised minority and, um, concentrating them in…ah… camps.

    This is happening at the same time we're turning away refugees fleeing a catastrophe by boat with nothing but the clothes on their back because they can't present "their papers".

    These are the same people who watched The Great Escape, the History Channel and Schindler's List because the SS uniforms were Cool and drew exactly the wrong lessons from them.

    1. This is horrifying. He's gonna put everyone in camps and people will still vote for him.

      The City of Los Angeles is working hard to come up with ways to house the homeless, but still.

      1. Nothing will come of this because it's more of Trump's stage-set political theatrics to Own the Libs, like the threat to send the National Guard in to pacify Chicago. You'll notice he doesn't mention the homeless problems in Red State America, which are real and just as critical.

        Trump is a TV personality running a TV personality's show in the most powerful position on Earth. The show's run its course, it's over and it needs to be wrapped.

    1. How 'bout those Zinke cronies with a 2-person firm in Whitefish MT that got a contract to redo the whole electric grid? Anything ever happen to them?

    1. Begun, the smear campaign has. Mom today sent me a post from her friend about all the "anti-semitism" mentioned in the wikipedia page. My question — why is there so much emphasis on the wiki about that particular subject? Is that the only notable part of her story?

      Unless Asskessler is arguing that Cheney is solely responsible, he's full of shit.

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