76 thoughts on “The First Women to Cross the US on Solo Motorcycles

  1. No, not them [Name the cult classic movie this pic refers to.]
    Just a post to keep cred while i go watch a house for a week.

          1. Now if I could just convince the cat that this could be the real thing. I haven't seen him in a few hours now.

          1. North to Bishop. There's an evac center for people and animals at the Tri-County Fairgrounds. Sounds cozy.

            This doesn't include me yet:

            #TabooseFire UPDATE: A MANDATORY EVACUATION is in place for Big Pine Canyon; to include Glacier Lodge, Cone Road, Sugarloaf Road, and the Bernasconi Center. An evacuation center has been set up at the Tri-County Fairgrounds.

    1. I just attended a multi-agency town hall meeting. The gist of it is that they're doing what they can, but we have to be ready to go at a moment's notice. Red flag conditions now exist, there's a downslope wind blowing in a direct line from the fire to my back yard. I'm packed and ready to go–passport, vehicle titles, meds, change of clothes, and a truckload of instruments. I haven't had to evacuate since around 1969 in Malibu. Whee!

      1. Acreage downsized to 9,235 (due to improved mapping) and containment is up to 30%. Got to stay home, and the wind has cooperated.

        Not today, Jesus.

    1. Too many doors. I wish they would stop trying to force me into buying a vehicle with more than two of them.
      This is a handsome ride, though.

        1. Back in 1971 I got to drive a Porsche 911T as a company car. They cost a whopping $7,500 then. At $100,000+/- now, I'd say they have far outpaced inflation.
          Also: I'll sure be pissed if I lose my car to this fire if we're evacuated. I'll have to leave it behind, and I'll probably move it out to the street instead of leaving it in the garage. The wind is drawing a bead on us, straight from the fire to my house.

          1. Can't find the name of the spy.. Reports are that he is still incog.
            Maybe whoever said that in that thread was a Russian bot.

            [edited to make sense ]

            Hey, those guys are good.

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