99 thoughts on “Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poop on?

  1. Under the right rear seat cushion lurks the signature feature of this car, a specially-designed receptacle, complete with a golden flattened torus for a seat, that a determined human can void their bodily wastes into: a toilet.

    Finally, someone designed a car with summer bay bridge beach traffic in mind.

  2. There’s no fancy water-pump or flushing system here, just a mechanism to dump the wastes out the bottom of the car and onto the road, perhaps allowing the feature to function as a sort of anti-tailing deterrent, in a pinch.

    'nuff said.

    1. This is either the greatest lede ever or a grammatical mess:

      Gaggles of tarantulas are emerging from their burrows across the western US on a quest to mate, hunting for love in prairies, foothills and a garage belonging to Kim Kardashian West.

    2. I've been under the apparently false notion that they were migrating. I used to see them by the hundreds of thousands when I lived outside of Death Valley and since they only went one direction, that seemed logical.
      I've never been bitten by a tarantula, but I have been stung by a [tarantula hawk.] Do not recommend.

  3. Heads- up. Vintage 'Schmidt's of Philadelphia Beer can opener can be yours.
    May be a rare one since I cannot find one just like it in the hundreds listed on ebay.

          1. It went well, first gig behind us now. The venue was quirky/fucked up, an upscale vintage clothing store-turned-club, but most of the clothes are still there. We had to work sound board from the stage, luckily had a couple trusted advisors in the audience

    1. I know they have a big event in Hinckley Ohio when the vultures return in the spring, but I don't know how they celebrate this auspicious day.

    1. "Without the proper type of music your program will be more difficult than need be….what is called man is very anarchy-minded at present."

      There's no room to argue with these assertions.

          1. As an upstanding member of the Union of Concerned Scientists, I'm happy to be included. Looks like they missed Six Sigma, though.

          1. It's dead calm for now, but overnight it was whipping around at 40-50mph. Of course fires create their own winds. Just heard another helicopter overhead. The biggest body of water is Tinnemaha Reservoir, very close to the fire, so they can get a lot of water on it quickly. I have to think that most aerial resources are working on bigger fires at the moment, so we're lucky to have what we have.

            Updates are not forthcoming.

          2. If there's no wind, I would have a crew burning-out the flat between the Hwy and the mts.
            If it's windy when it hits the flat, they'll never catch it.

    1. He and joe walsh can DIAF for all I care, but if history repeats, any time an incumbent has been challenged within their own party, they've gone on to lose the general.

      1. I haven't seen it, but i'm familiar. Like they're dickering over which insane group of theocratic dominionists gets to install Gilead

        1. Basically yeah. There's a segment about Sanford where they kept counseling him to stay in office because God had obviously chosen him and he stupidly kept listening.

          1. When we have a president who cheats on his wife with porn actresses and lies repeatedly to the public about it, our best course of action is to replace him with a man who cheats on his wife and lies to the public about it, but is more overtly Christian.

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