64 thoughts on “Climate Crank Self-Tanks

  1. William Happer will leave his post as a senior director on the National Security Council on Friday.


    Happer's departure comes a day after National Security Adviser John Bolton abruptly resigned amid a dispute with President Trump over holding negotiations with the Taliban.

    This is Collateral Damage I can get behind.

    Bolton supported Happer's effort to try to weaken the science backing the National Climate Assessment.

    Just the latest reason to drive this awful bastard and his disturbing mustache from civilized society. Where's an ostrakon when you really need one?

    Happer, who is not formally trained in climate science but is an accomplished physicist at Princeton University,

    So a guy who really doesn't know fuck-all about climate science and subscribes to bizarrely improbable crank theories nails a top slot on the National Security Council. I have questions about this administration's hiring methodology.

  2. Deadspin:
    Cleveland Browns Ban Wrong Guy From Stadium For Beer-Pouring Incident

    9/11/19 12:58pm
    The Browns are just never-forgetting 9/11 by going after the wrong guy.

  3. My old colleagues at the now-subsumed-into-the-Parsons-mothership firm Engineering-Science had a contract with Shell to monitor the remediation of leaky old underground storage tanks at all their gas stations all over the country. Such odious jobs were referred to as "tank-yanks" and title of this post takes me back.

    Shell at that time also owned the |Wood River Refinery| near St Louis and our landscape architects were given the task of designing a more aesthetically satisfactory entrance. The did so, adding berms to hide some of the ugliness and display Shell's pecten, and lots of nice green things to make it fit in better with the Roxana IL environment, such as it was. The plants lasted about three months before capitulating to the ambient air "quality."

        1. If you put a sheet on the floor, sit in the middle of the sheet and DO NOT step off the sheet you are pretty safe from Bret Stephenses.

          1. Saw a guy do that. Buncha tree-huggers hanging out in this old double-wide
            waiting for insturctions on how to destroy the U.S.A. Don't remember why the dude leapt-up
            and tried to dash outside, but the sliding door was closed. Bounced right back on his ass.
            Coulda been worse I suppose, the glass held.

      1. lex@luthatron
        ·Sep 11
        Replying to @donmoyn and @saeen90_

        I invite Bret Stephens to come to my house, eat a three course meal and then lie down with my dogs to see if he gets fleas, while I call him a bedbug

    1. I did, a little. According to my on-screen TV guide, it doesn't even start here for another 10 minutes. Therefore, I missed the first hour.

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