69 thoughts on “Testing

    1. Red flag warnings are returning here Monday. Last night I actually had to turn off the cooler. Our diurnal swing is about 40 degrees now, so it goes from near 100 to the mid 50s overnight. Not looking forward to what's next.

          1. I recommend bringing an emotional support clown with you on travel, would be particularly effective at a TSA checkpoint.

    1. Mid-1990s, I was a banquet waiter in NYC, working a party at Anna Wintour's house. It was a long night of high-fashion Vogue magazine socialite hell. But thankfully I had Ric and Paulina at my table, and they kept me sane. That's how I'll remember him.

  1. Also, speaking of books-that-I'm-not-selling-or-giving-away,
    Do I have The Complete Far Side ?

    Yes. Yes I do.

    Also I offer this little prayer

    Dear Dog, please don't let the return suck. Amen.

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