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          1. Semi-seriously…………need to consult with expert of the last forty years of hip-hop/ rap names. Most blues nicknames, I think, were given by family or friends and often by producers and AandR types for promotion.

            I reckon most hiphop/rap names were self-named. Showing a shift to self-control of the product.

            eta: or not……..

            His early teachers gave him the name "Kingfish". Ingram described how he explained his interest in the Blues to his childhood friends who were interested in hip hop music: "They really thought it was funny, cause it was like “Man you young but you listen to that old, sad stuff.” I’m like, “Man, I ain’t really like that, I’m listening more for a culture thing, you know? This is history. This birthed what you guys listen to today, because you know rap is nothing but the blues’ grandchild.”[6]


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