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      1. When newspapers do that, it is supposed to be labeled as a correction. That's the actual name of the thing they are doing there, or at least is the convention of what newspapers have always called the thing they are doing there. The standard practice is that theyr are supposed to do it in two steps: They place a notice at the very top or bottom of the article and call it "correction" with black bars or some other way to make it stand out. Then first, they describe the correction they made, and second, they state why they made it.

        Instead this is just a sleazy unethical move.

        That said, I could be wrong, I haven't seen the entire article. Maybe they did label the correction. I am guessing not, because they are today's New York Times.

        ETA: Checked original article. Nope. No correction listed. Highly unethical. Also Maggie Haberman article.

        1. Does Gritty look and act like the meth-lab offspring of Doug Ford and Donald Trump?

          Fine and perceptive Wordsmithery, this.

          Of course the mascot belongs to Philadelphia, the monster’s personality being the beloved stereotype of the chip-on-the-shoulder loud-mouth drunken Flyers’ fan (or player) living off Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey and cheese steaks and pills stolen from grandma.

          He's got the Philly Flyers' Fan archetype nailed.

    1. The local bishop, when he learned about the antennas, ordered their removal because many faithful found them offensive.

      No, the real story is that many faithful were caught furiously downloading porn from the Prince of Peace's crown.

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